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My chief aim is to help you build a secure career that provides you with an income while living a purposeful and satisfying life.

Hi I’m Tony Pisanelli

When I say, “a secure career and purposeful and satisfied life,” I mean finally: 

  • acquiring the adaptability to thrive in a fast-changing employment world
  • being energised and inspired by what you do for a living
  • having a clear vision, meaningful purpose and the certainty in yourself to make a greater contribution.

We all know stories of people who have lost their jobs. But did you know that not all of them were devastated by the experience? In fact, some turned it into an amazing opportunity to become their own boss and live more fulfilling lives.

If you’re not in a career that is fulfilling a higher purpose beyond getting paid for the pain of work … you are living an empty and meaningless existence … and life is too short for that!

So, if your career is an important pillar of your life that supports your family responsibilities and financial obligations while giving you a sense of identity in the world, you can no longer allow your working life to drift along aimlessly.

My Story

Everyone can reinvent themselves…

Like all aspects of life, careers have beginnings, a middle and an end.

As a teenager, my choice of accounting as a career path was influenced by parental expectations. It was no surprise that dissatisfaction would raise its head early in my career. Lunchtime walking in a nearby park felt more like a prison escape than a short break. This painful situation necessitated the first of many career reinventions that saw me leave number crunching behind in pursuit of broader business roles.

As I felt more at home connecting with a bigger business picture than being a little bean counter, my workdays quickly became far more enjoyable after I made a change.

Mid-career, I found myself characterised as a business analyst who was regarded as an easily dispensable commodity. I had no point of distinction to elevate myself above the herd that was being slowly ushered out the door.

This led to my second reinvention from a vulnerable generalist to an in-demand and high-value specialist. That speciality became risk management; a system that proactively identifies and manages problems before they arise.

Are you an entrepreneur in waiting, a highly sought-after consultant or an expert within your company?

Almost everyone reaches a crossroads in their career at some stage. Whether your hand is forced due to redundancy or you simply can’t take another year of the same tasks and faces, this crossroad is an exciting opportunity to reinvent yourself.

When you work with me, we will figure out what the next level of success looks like to you and find a way for you to present yourself in a way that makes people pay attention.

It’s an exciting journey. You’ll wonder why you didn’t call me years ago as we redefine the value you can offer the world.

Design your future

If your work has lost your meaning or you are hearing increasingly loud rumours about redundancy, let’s be proactive and get the next ball rolling.

This is your chance to decide what you want the next phase of your life to look like and actually make it happen.

We will work together online so you can reach out to me no matter where you are based in Australia or beyond.

It all starts with a free 15 minute call.

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