Get Ready to Seize Control of Your Life and Your Career

Thousands of people lose their jobs … and millions more dread going to work.

You don’t only lose your income when you lose your job. Family needs, financial commitments, your identity, and self-confidence all take a hit; a massive one.  

The Phoenix Career Principles is your safeguard against disruptive changes in your life and your career. Through the power of story, this book reveals The 5 Step System to discover how to turn any job discontent into a purposeful career and life. 

The Phoenix Career Principles empowers you with easy-to-follow actions to…

  • Create a vision for your future 
  • Become adaptable to change
  • Break through barriers that keep you trapped
  • Connect your life to your mission
  • Be bold, creative, and innovative

In this book you’ll discover exactly how to take control of your career to harness your creative potential, enrich the lives of others… and experience the freedom to be the successful entrepreneur you have always wanted to be. 

Become the master of your own fate and learn the power of the rising Phoenix in The Phoenix Career Principles.

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About the author

Tony Pisanelli

Tony spent many years as a cog in the corporate wheel before realising his skills were expendable. 

In order to avoid losing his job, he redefined himself to be indispensable to his employer, to the point where they refused him a redundancy package when he asked for it.

As a career coach, Tony now helps other professionals to evolve their career and write their own exciting next chapter.

Tony Pisanelli Career Coach, Author, Speaker

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