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How do you rise from the ashes of your old career?

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Is Complacency Killing Your Business Results?

A satisfying and long-lasting career is a priority for the corporate professional wanting stability and certainty for themselves and the important facets of their life.

The accelerating advances in technology, the global marketplace, and the shifting nature of individuals are just a few of the changes threatening the career and the peace of mind of today’s professional.

Unrelenting change requires going beyond managing the daily aspects of your job and taking the reins of your career by anticipating and adapting to change and strategically developing a future direction of your choosing.

In “Employee to Entrepreneur” you will discover:

The number one mistake that contributes to the heartbreak of career loss.

The driving force that can turn hard work and toil into joy.

The secrets top corporate professionals use to navigate and capitalize on change.

How to handle endings, transitions, and beginnings without sacrificing important areas of your life.

The way to transform yourself from a vulnerable and replaceable cog into a valuable and irreplaceable expert.

This book provides corporate professionals with a proven system to proactively manage the forces of change to protect them from the pain and devastation of employment loss and create a truly satisfying working life.

About the author

Tony Pisanelli

Tony spent many years as a cog in the corporate wheel before realising his skills were expendable. 

In order to avoid losing his job, he redefined himself to be indispensable to his employer, to the point where they refused him a redundancy package when he asked for it.

As a career coach, Tony now helps other professionals to evolve their career and write their own exciting next chapter.

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